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Adult Acting Class – Actors Conservatory Program in L.A.

All new Acting Class for Adult Actors at Diane Christiansen Coaching

Conservatory Program

Actors Core is designed for: Professionals looking to maximize their skills and refine their technique, as well as Beginners with little to no previous experience who want to expand their knowledge! All levels welcome.

This 12 Week Conservatory Session consists of two parts: Work on one’s self and work on the character.

Part 1 of each class begins with Diane’s unique relaxation techniques and moves to a sequence of sensory exercises which train the actor’s concentration and organic expression. ° The Relaxation exercise is done each week to ensure that the physical and mental instruments are diminished of tension, as this is what inhibits the actor. ° The Sensory exercises change week to week and start with the actor’s ability to re-create objects which he or she encounters everyday.

Part 2 of each class is dedicated to improvisation and scene work – where students apply what they have learned in the exercises to fulfill the demands of creating an authentic character.


Actors Core is a 12 week program. Please contact Diane about participating in this unique class. (818) 523-8283 or e-mail us at


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