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Want to Start Booking Your Auditions?

Almost all actors understand the importance of acting classes; a place to not only learn new skills and methods, but also a safe environment to practice new things as a performer. Many actors also take improvisation classes to work on their comedic timing or learn ensemble dynamics and how to think on their feet.

There is one class that is often overlooked…Audition Technique

But why?

Actors already going to auditions might think “I got this. I’ve done it tons of times!”

Actors new to the business may assume “How hard can auditioning be?”

The truth is – not extremely hard, but if you are green to the business you might not be aware of what casting directors are looking for. In fact, even actors with experience in audition room might have no clue what casting directors and producers are looking for!

Whether you’re a newbie to the business of professional acting or not, the right audition technique class is the ticket to jump starting your bookings and leaving incredible impressions on every casting director you ever meet!

Being an incredible actor doesn’t mean much if you can’t nail your pre-read.

Over the years at Diane Christiansen Coaching, we have known and coached many actors who were very talented, had a great ‘look,’ and worked hard at their craft, but…. just didn’t book all that much. They’d get call backs, but not really move on. It’s impossible to say for certain why this happens but there is one simple explanation: they’re bad at auditioning.

Being a great actor and being a great auditioner may seem like they are one in the same, but in fact, are not. They are two separate skills – both of which need to be studied and honed.

An audition technique class is an absolute necessity for every actor that wants to book their auditions. And, come on, isn’t that everyone?

Obviously if you’re new to acting; you’re not going to have the experience to know what happens in an audition room and how to prepare. You may not even know the basics of how auditions work and what to do in an audition.

At Diane Christiansen Coaching we have created a class that targets every aspect of the audition process

This class for kids and teenagers has become highly popular because of it’s effectiveness. Our students notice a dramatic improvement in their confidence and the quality of their auditions. Plus, a lot more callbacks and bookings!

Not just for kids anymore…

We began also offering a version of this class for teenagers and adults 15 yrs and up.

Instructor Tess Christiansen teaches industry secrets, cold reading tips, and invaluable information that every actor needs to Book It!

Join our Spring 2020 session of Book It! Audition Technique Workshop

Tess Christiansen has been teaching acting at Diane Christiansen Coaching for 8 years. She has created several unique classes & workshops for kids, teens, and adults. Her students are booking weekly and can be seen in national commercials, network TV shows, feature films, and HBO dramas.

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