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Coaching for Parents

Parents: Now is the time to Push FORWARD

Every weekend your agent is traveling to a different city scouting for new kids for pilot season. The top kid’s agents will look at 100 to 300 kids every weekend from now till January.

These kids, the cutest and brightest around the country, have parents who can afford expensive weekend jaunts to talent conventions; costing hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. With stars in their eyes (the parents and kids alike), they are just waiting for an invitation to come to Hollywood for Pilot Season! Oakwood Apartments alone will house over 1500 new kids making the move with their families for pilot season!

Top kid’s agents and kid’s managers wouldn’t miss these events. . .They get to meet wonderful, cute kids, with parents who will do what it takes to make it in Hollywood! These FRESH NEW FACES are your child’s competition during pilot season! It’s a fact…. now, are you going to just let them take your audition slots?

What can you do to help your child compete?

It is up to YOU, the supportive parent, to encourage your child to build skills. This includes classes and private coaching and practicing with MOM or another family member on a regular basis. Just like school, homework is a necessary aspect of truly grasping any concept.

It is also up to YOU, as a supportive parent, to make sure that your child is known to as many casting offices as possible. This can be done by taking your talented child to Casting Director workshops and by sending postcards to trumpet your child’s successes.

When pilot season is here, and your agent has over 1000 kids to represent, it is your job to make sure they don’t forget about your child. You must take proactive action to keep your child on the top of the Casting Directors’ desk by establishing strong relationships and by keeping in touch through postcards and drops.

Because kids can’t do much of it alone, YOU, the supportive parent, must network with other parents and share information. Build your own network of parents to help each other.

Keeping a team around your child strong is essential! 

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