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The Truth About Casting Director Workshops

There has been some controversy in the past few years surrounding casting director workshops….With some CDs getting fired and acting studios closing down, but are these types of workshops actually controversial at all? Are they scams praying on desperate actors? Or a valuable networking opportunity for professional actors based in L.A.?

Let us start with one basic fact

Casting Director workshops are nothing new. They have been around in Los Angeles since at least the 80’s when acting teachers would occasionally bring in CD’s to watch their students perform scenes.

Something remains true back then and to this day: being on a first name basis with casting directors is incredibly important for your career. Meeting and working with CDs in a personal, no-pressure environment where they can see you at your best and get to know your personality can make a huge difference in not only your quantity of auditions, but also your bookings!!

  1. Here’s the thing: Much of the “controversy” revolves around this type of workshop scamming actors into “paying for auditions” and convincing them that there will be some sort of guaranteed outcome after their interaction with the casting director. To be totally frank here: that is not what a casting director workshop is and if you have been told that – yes, you were scammed.

At Diane Christiansen Coaching

we do not believe in paying for auditions. Going to a “workshop” where you cold read random sides you’ve never seen before in a room of 50 other people all clamoring for a CD’s attention is not a productive experience. 

This is exactly why Diane created a different kind of workshop experience for actors of all ages. . . A one-of-a-kind performance workshop that showcases actors’ talent – not a cold read.

Around 12 years ago

Diane created Actors Platform.  Actors Platform is an audition-only, three night class where actors receive hand-picked scenes to match their personal ‘type’ and coaching from master instructor Diane Christiansen.

Our Casting Director Workshop is actually a workshop! We keep the classes small so that every participant has the opportunity to interact with our guest instructor and receive one-on-one feedback.

No cold reading. No readers. No auditioning.

We showcase two actors working together in memorized, well-prepared scenes. This creates a wonderfully relaxed and supportive environment.

If you have been wondering if casting director workshops are “worth it” or “right for you” or “legitimate” well…you don’t have to wonder anymore! Our goal is to teach actors to thrive in this business; never to take advantage.

What some of our students have to say about A.P.

“I love your workshops. Not only do I get to perform in front of some of my favorite casting directors but I always leave your Classes feeling loved.” — Emma Engle, Young Actress
“I thought last night’s workshop was really great! The atmosphere of professionalism and support that you establish is really unique and brings out the best in everyone. I personally was feeling very flat and unconnected, but I felt great by the end of the evening. A lot of that had to do with the high level of performance on everyone’s part!!” — Suzanne Dean, Actress


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