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Diane Christiansen is a wonderful coach. She has a masterful way of communicating with actors that makes the difference in getting both callbacks and increasing our bookings!!”

Nelson Parks CEO/The ESI Network

“Diane is so spiritually in tune with her own instrument and her gift of teaching that she ignites and nurtures the passion for acting within each soul.”

Jonathan George “Pop Sensation,” “Next Big Star”

“Diane Christiansen is a resource, a teacher, and a friend to everyone with whom she works. Her holistic techniques leave the student not only a better actor, but a better person as well. I have seen students enter her class scattered and leave focused, poised, and enthusiastic about the industry.”

— Rachel Galvin Talent Manager/The ESI Network

“Diane possesses expertise in front of and behind the camera. She directed my audition reel and coached me privately for a TV pilot. I have been selected as a talk show host finalist for Network TV.”

— Irma Breakfield, The Breakfield Report

In Diane’s Classes I have learned a lot and have had a lot of fun, plus I have really progressed in my craft. Diane is amazing and she is really passionate in what she does… which is GREAT!”

-Mary Ann Springer (15), Actor

“I took a private lesson with Diane and worked on the Francis Coppola sides.  I had what i considered one of my best auditions thanks to you…You brought so much clarity and excitement to the piece; I had such a wonderful time working one on one with you. I’m moving to Los Angeles in June, and cannot wait to start attending your classes!”

–Lauren Analla, Actor

When it occurred to me that I would be teaching a class in front of hundreds of people, talking , I went into a panic. After the anxiety attack settled, I called my sons’ acting coach, Diane Christiansen and asked if perhaps taking a class or two would help me get over my phobia of getting up in front of people. Not only did her adult class help, I went on to teach many more classes and even went so far as to being cast in my first ever theatrical acting role. Because of Diane and her class, I just might take up acting the second half of my life. Move over Meryl Streep!”

— Stacey Powells, Radio Show Personality

— Rachel Galvin Talent Manager/The ESI Network “I love your workshops. Not only do I get to perform in front of  some of my favorite casting directors but I always leave your Classes feeling loved.”

— Emma Engle, Actor“I thought last night’s workshop was really great! The atmosphere of professionalism and support that you establish is really unique and brings out the best in everyone. I personally was feeling very flat and unconnected, but I felt pretty good at the end of the evening, and a lot of that had to do with the high level of  performance on everyone’s part!!”

— Suzanne Dean, Actor

Screen Teens 

My son is in Diane’s weekly “Screen Teens” class and Diane is his personal coach and our friend. Her insights are so enlightening, we consider her the “Best of the Best”!

–Kathy Custino, ParentI am enrolled in Diane’s Screen Teens class and have been for over two months. I came into the class knowing practically nothing about acting and how much preparation and work goes into acting. Diane has taught me so much about the process of finding your character, the difference of on-camera acting and stage acting, and how important an actor’s objective is. Without this class I would be so inexperienced and clueless about everything it takes. I didn’t even understand there was an acting process! Now I can proudly say that I understand the “tricks” of acting, the process of finding your character, the importance of method acting, and the art of cold reading. Diane’s class is amazing and I couldn’t have learned what I have in any other class, or from any other teacher. In short, Diane as a person is simply amazing.”

—Morgan Mrohs (13), Actor“I just wanted to say thank you so much for working with Mackenzie and for letting her come your  Screen Teens  class.  She loved class so much and the other students.  Tonight she cried when we got in the car because she was so sad to leave and will not be able to come back next week!!  She took quite a few classes while we were here and loved you the most!!  In the future I will definitely call you to Skype with her!”

–Leslie Roberts, Parent “Andrew’s bookings are all thanks to Diane and the gang! Enrolling in Diane’s Next Generation Class was the best decision we made for getting started in the business!”

–Omar Loza, Parent“Thank you for your dedication to your Reel Actors students! As parents, that is what we hope for in a teacher and you have helped Whitney immensely! She has nothing but respect for you and all that you have done for her. Your guidance and friendship through her journey is priceless and for that we are grateful.”

–Stacy Harris, Parent“Thanks for a wonderful experience that Alianna truly enjoyed. She loves sharing her passion for acting with you and feels she progresses in her craft each time she steps into your class. Alianna leaves your Next Generation class beaming with positive energy and excitement. We can’t thank you enough!”

–Alicia Medlen, Parent

Alaina really enjoyed Agent Quest on Monday night. Thank you for a great opportunity and a special experience. She was encouraged with the experience she gained and is ready to do more and keep learning. Thank you for all your effort and support you give to the children. Alaina loves the knowledge and confidence she is attaining. Thank you Diane and Co.

— Karin Tucker, Parent“McCarrey really feels he gets more from Private Coaching with you than he has gained from any other classes or training he has taken, so please know we really value you and your work with him.”

— Rand Wiseman, ParentJust thought I would get back to you on my audition you coached me for. It went very well.  Again, I just wanted to thank you. Your notes are right on and I feel confident when I go in to read. You’re very good at what you do. I can see why you are so in demand.”

— Lou Richards, Actor

“Since starting Diane’s classes a year ago, I have booked several National commercials and have gotten called back for at least 90% of my theatrical auditions. Being new to the industry, I didn’t really understand a lot of things about acting. But, Diane’s classes have me excited every week to see what the new adventure will be . . . and the on camera experience is way cool.”

— Chaz James (13),  “Drink Sunny D”“Diane Christiansen has been my daughter’s acting  coach for many years now. I trust in Diane’s abilities and her honesty toward performers. I am frequently recommending her to people who are interested in the business from beginners to seasoned veterans.  She has won many awards and has the life experiences that she brings together with her integrity and character to provide a wonderful service to actors of all ages!  Whether you have Diane on your team as a permanent coach or you stop in for the occasional coaching tidbits, she will prepare you for anything you may face in your acting career!”

– Sherri Hill, Parent

“Our 7 year old daughter, Abigail Zoe Lewis, studies with Diane Christiansen and has been a student of Diane’s for over a year now. Abigail has participated in many different types of classes/workshops that the elite acting school offers including Actors Platform, Agent Quest and her Disney Workshop. My wife and I consistently find that the coaching/teaching at Diane Christiansen’s school is nothing short of stellar!

Abigail booked an episodic role on Criminal Minds directly from Diane’s Actor Platform even before Abigail had an agent. Abigail also now has representation with Abrams Artists Agency because of Diane Christiansen’s Agent Quest. I feel compelled to also share: that there is a fundamental reason why so many students study at Diane Christiansen’s acting studio; there is a reason why there are so many students of different ages; there is a reason why students take so many different types of classes offered at her school; and there is a reason why acting students and acting professionals keep coming back year after year. The reason is Diane Christiansen.

If you are looking for a place to hone your or your child’s acting skills, an acting school that offers a multitude of different types of FUN classes, an encouraging/positive and supportive environment, an acting program that brings in both the very TOP Agents and TOP Casting Directors for you to be seen – and maybe even be “discovered”…well, you’ve found it here! We love you Diane!”

–David and Laura Lewis, Parents

“Well, again I must sing your praises. Danielle performed in the school Talent show on Wed and Thurs. She was one of the M.C.’s . She received so many compliments on how well she performed . ‘She’s so comfortable.’ ‘She so natural’. ‘She looked as if she was really enjoying herself’. ‘Does she act professionally?’ ‘You should put her in commercials.’ ‘Her personality really jumps out.’ ‘She should try out for plays, She is way better than what I’ve seen at the local Community Theater’… These are just a few things. All night people kept coming up to me giving me wonderful sincere compliments!

It brought tears to my eyes to see her having so much fun and being so comfortable in front of people, especially her friends; which you know tend to be the hardest critics. I will never be able to repay for you bringing out such wonderful qualities in Danielle. All her performing success will always be contributed to your wonderful teaching skills, enthusiasm, respect, care, patience and personal interest in your students. You are and angel from heaven for performers.

With sincere gratitude….”– Kathleen Connolly (Mom of 10 yr old)

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