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Nail It! Audition Technique

Learn how to stand out at every audition with exclusive audition techniques to make you”Nail It” every time!

are you ready to start booking. join the one workshop that is actually worth it.
  1. Ever wondered what it really takes to book a Pilot?

  1. Want to raise your callback percentage?

  1. Unsure of yourself in casting rooms?

  1. Confused about Testing for Network?

  1. Have questions about the Industry?

In 4 short weeks instructor Tess Christiansen will have you cold reading like a pro at all of your auditions! Plus, you will learn what to do in the audition room and what’s really going on from the casting point-of-view!

This workshop takes you deep inside the process of auditioning for a series regular role on a network pilot: from the Pre-Read to Producer’s Sessions, Studio Executives, and the Network Test.

This information is invaluable to all actors looking to boost their career because it gives them a powerful tool: CONFIDENCE

Be Prepared for EVERY Audition!


Please contact Diane Christiansen Coaching before attending this class. We will not accept drop-ins TUITION

4 weeks – $250.00

Full tuition is due before the session start date.

Refunds are only available within 1 week of the first class and not given for classes taken or missed classes. 


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