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Life Coaching

Find Your Deeper Calling with LIFE COACHING

End indecision, indifference, and the feeling of wasted living

It only takes 180 minutes to gain lasting clarity, purpose, and direction in your life.


Convenient. Personal. Private. Results. Available NOW

Diane’s unique interactive Life Coaching component and “one-to-one” life coaching system is a fast and lasting method to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Take your self-discoveries to the next level with the included 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions with Diane, an expert in career and life coaching

Who Should Take This Course

Take this course if:

  1. You are fed up with feeling unfulfilled in life

  2. You’re working hard but feel like you’re headed in the wrong direction

  3. You are at a crossroads in life and desire clarity on the best path for you

  4. You’re navigating a life transition and want to get to the next stage more quickly

  5. You simply want to know and express more of the real yo

What You Will Learn

You will create your Statement of Deeper Calling. . . through an engaging one on one learning experience, including a series of unique interactive exercises and the assistance of your personal life coach, Diane. This statement, crafted in your own words, reveals your authentic life calling.

Free of religiosity, gurus, or the “one true way” your deeper calling is a profound expression of You. You will identify your life purpose. But more than that, you’ll identify who you want to be while pursuing your life purpose. You will better understand your unique talents and how you can combine them with your purpose in the form of a contribution to help others. You’ll gain clarity and insight on your core values and core desires.

The two 90 minute coaching sessions help you to gain additional insight into your deeper calling along with an action plan to bring it to life.

What Benefits and Insights You Can Expect

  1. A new sense of purpose

  2. Increased mental clarity

  3. Improved energy and confidence

  4. A celebration of the real you

Without knowing your Deeper Calling, it can feel like you are lost or adrift at sea or simply blocked or stopped.

With this knowledge, you are still at sea but now you are the captain of your own high-powered ship! You know where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to be, and what it is that you really, really want.

A life well-lived is always based on this solid foundation, and knowing your Deeper Calling can put you in the flow of the life you always dreamed of.

Course and Coach

$400 Coaching Sessions  1  and  2  (90 minutes each) = A total of 3 hours with your life coach

Call Diane today and get your life on track! (818) 523-8283


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