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How to get your child into acting

Diane Christiansen, top rated acting coach for kids and teens in Hollywood, has designed a 3 part video series for families who are seeking a professional acting career in Los Angeles for their children or teenagers!

This is the last in Diane's three part series on how to get your child or teen into acting. Assuming you have followed the specific tips offered in Parts I and II, you should by now have a child or teen embarking on the exciting journey of Acting in Hollywood!

Which means. . . you are going on auditions and beginning to book work. This is a critical piece of the journey and a time when knowledge is power. Part III features interviews with several parents, who have been doing this for some time now. Plus, interviews from an Agent from the Bobby Ball Agency and a Manager from Stein Entertainment. There are even a few young Actors who offered fantastic advice to help you make this journey fun and successful.

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