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How to Break Down a Script in 6 Steps

Actors have already made numerous choices about their character before they ever step in front of a camera or audience.

Being able to make those choices is dependent on effectively breaking down a script. A lot of actors know that they need to make choices, but they often don’t know exactly where to start….

This online class brought to you by iActing Studios and Diane Christiansen will teach you how to break down any script with Diane’s “Six Simple Steps”

The Six Simple Steps will change everything, because you will have the foundation and information needed to make strong, specific choices for a layered and compelling performance. Make your performance believable; either in an audition or on-set and on-stage.

In order to be noticed in the casting process, you must learn to utilize your own personality… Creating a character that is completely unique thus making the performance solely your own. This online class is great for actors of all ages – especially those between 13-17 years old!!

Check out iActing Studios here for further online training from Diane!


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