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How to Become a Professional Actor in LA [part 1]

Wondering how to get your child or teen into acting? 

Diane Christiansen, top rated acting coach for kids and teens in Hollywood, has designed a 3 part video series for families who are seeking a professional acting career in Los Angeles for their children or teenagers!

Each segment contains critical steps designed to be taken with patience, dedication and a 100% commitment to producing results. Rushing or skipping these steps could hurt your young actor and their chances of making a solid first impression. In the Entertainment Industry, the last thing you want to do is send your young actor into an arena that is already competitive, and leave a Casting Director or Agent with an impression that says “They were not ready.” Those first impressions are nearly impossible to erase!

Watch Part 1 of Diane Christiansen’s three part series How to Get Your Child or Teen Into Show Business and learn the right steps to take towards an acting career for your child or teen! 

Be sure to subscribe to Master Talent Teachers on YouTube for more FREE training videos from Diane Christiansen and 10 of the top performance teachers in Hollywood!


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