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Commercial Kids & Teens

Premiere acting school Diane Christiansen Coaching offers the top Commercial Acting Class in L.A. for kids and teens!

Make Waves in the commercial industry. Class beginning August 17

Learn how to audition for commercials!

In Commercial Kids & Teens actors will learn how to “Tell the story” of the commercial and uncover their own unique on-camera personality! From the all-important slate, to delivering honest, creative commercial auditions.

Students practice a new lesson and audition technique each week! 

Don’t hesitate…Contact Us about joining and jump-start your bookings!

PHONE: (818) 523-8283     E-MAIL:


About the Class 

Instructor Tess Christiansen will open up your creativity and give you the tools to deliver your best commercial auditions. Tess has appeared in dozens of commercials throughout her career as both a child and adult actor, including Disney Channel, Universal Studios, Bod Man Fragrance, Harley Davidson, iMac, MGA toys, Mattel and numerous PSA’s (to name a few). She really has her finger on the pulse of the commercial world and her student bookings are weekly.

Topics covered in this class over 8 weeks:

  1. Audition Technique and Tips

  2. Interviews

  3. 2-Person/Group Auditioning

  4. PSAs

  5. Disney Channel Host Promos

  6. Reading from cue-cards

  7. Standing out from the crowd

  8. Handling Product

  9. Breaking down a commercial script

  10. Improvisation


  12. On-Camera Weekly!


Class Info

Ages 8 – 16 years old

Please contact Diane Christiansen Coaching prior to your first class.

  1. We offer one time audits for $40

  2. Class Sessions are on-going. Actors may join at any time as long as space is available.

  3. Students pay for 8 week sessions at a time and are notified in advance when their tuition is due.

  4. All of our classes run in consecutive weeks: we offer make-up class opportunities but do not extend sessions past 8 weeks from a student’s first class [except in the event of holidays, instructor cancelled class, or your participation in our intensives on the same day, at the same time].


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