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Book It! Audition Technique

Ready to start booking your auditions?

(818) 523-8283

Don’t miss out! This highly effective class has limited spaces 

About The Class

BOOK IT! is a 4-week workshop that focuses on audition technique, cold reading skills, audition tips, and valuable insight into the casting process. Instructor Tess Christiansen provides actors of all levels with the knowledge they need to get  call backs and bookings! Specifically, we focus on the ins-and-outs of auditioning for network pilots – one of the lengthier and most difficult audition processes!

Each class will take you through a different phase of your audition: Pre-Read, Producer Session, Studio Execs, Network Test.

Actors receive sides in advance to prepare and each week are on-camera in a mock audition and receive the footage after each class.

Class Information


Teens & Adults ages: 15+

Class Tuition

$250.00 for 4 weeks


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